I met Moose a while ago at the gym and I noticed how he was admiring his abs.  So I approached him, which I don’t do often and I know should. I asked him if he would let me photograph him.  He was thrilled.  Finally we met up for a quick session.  Here are some images of his wonderful physique for your enjoyment. (Some NSFW).


I am also looking for more men with great physique to photograph in the New Year so please feel free to reach out.


Moose-gabetoth-01 Moose-gabetoth-02 Moose-gabetoth-03 Moose-gabetoth-04 Moose-gabetoth-05 Moose-gabetoth-06 Moose-gabetoth-07 Moose-gabetoth-08 Moose-gabetoth-09 Moose-gabetoth-10 Moose-gabetoth-11