Marc R

Marc, who is an avid soccer player, reached out to me couple of weeks ago to photograph some body shots as I’ve been trying to get more male physique into my books.  He drove down from Ottawa and I decided that instead of just keeping it in the studio we would head out to Cherry Beach on a scorching summer morning.  After the beach shoot I couldn’t resist and had to jump into the lake to cool down before we headed back to the studio for few additional shots.  Enjoy the photos.  Let me know your favourites.





I met Moose a while ago at the gym and I noticed how he was admiring his abs.  So I approached him, which I don’t do often and I know should. I asked him if he would let me photograph him.  He was thrilled.  Finally we met up for a quick session.  Here are some images of his wonderful physique for your enjoyment. (Some NSFW).


I am also looking for more men with great physique to photograph in the New Year so please feel free to reach out.


Moose-gabetoth-01 Moose-gabetoth-02 Moose-gabetoth-03 Moose-gabetoth-04 Moose-gabetoth-05 Moose-gabetoth-06 Moose-gabetoth-07 Moose-gabetoth-08 Moose-gabetoth-09 Moose-gabetoth-10 Moose-gabetoth-11


It’s been a while since I’ve seen Eseosa and we have been talking about shooting (again).  So here are the images from our physique/nude shoot.  For some, they might be considered NSFW.  Follow him on Instagram @eseosa6600 and show him some love.




I had such a pleasure shooting Kelvin last week.  Easy to work with and we got some great body/physique images.  Some images are NSFW (some would say).


I am always looking for good looking men to photograph who are not shy in front of the camera.  So if you have what it takes, drop me a line.



Kelvin14354-gabetothKelvin14389-gabetothKelvin14027-gabetothKelvin13883-gabetothKelvin13988-gabetothKelvin14042-gabetoth Kelvin14040-gabetothKelvin14309-gabetothKelvin14465-gabetothgreen-combo-gabetothKelvin14075-gabetothKelvin14137-gabetothKelvin14089-gabetothKelvin14152-gabetoth