Paint Splashes – Liquid Photography

Shooting Liquids is always fun.  This time we created these Paint splashes, using latex paint mixed 1:1 with water to create some beautiful sculptural shapes.  There was a substantial mess to clean up afterwards but extremely rewarding.  More of my liquid high speed photography can be found directly on my main website.

Liquid Photography - Paint Liquid Photography - Paint Liquid Photography - Paint Liquid Photography - Paint Liquid Photography - Paint Liquid Photography - Paint Liquid Photography - Paint

Adweek Talent Gallery

Couple of days ago I received an email from the Adweek’s Curation Team that they featured one of my projects in the Adweek Talent Gallery.  It’s a great honour considering that both Behance and Adweek have some amazing artist featuring their work (from photographers, to illustrators, designers, retouchers, etc.)  I’ve worked on my Liquids and Drips projects for a bit and I am in a need to update that project.  Nevertheless, it’s great to get recognized for such a fun project.  And feel free to check out the FULL PROJECT ON ADWEEK. here’s the copy of the email from the Adweek’s team:

Hello Gabe, We just wanted to notify you that one of your projects was just featured on the Adweek Talent Gallery. Our editorial team features a small number of projects every day. With thousands of options, we only pick a few that promote new thinking. Congrats, and great to have you involved in the Adweek Talent Gallery. 


Balloon Splashes with Triggertrap

After a long wait I have received the Triggertrap v1which should make my liquid photography a bit easier, specially when you can’t get someone to keep hitting that shutter button. I tested it it out with filling up some balloons with water, some clean and some coloured with food colouring. Triggertrap was set to Sound Mode. Here are some images from today’s test. They feel kind of galactic, like millions of miles away in the galaxy. Enjoy!

I have also posted these on my website at GABETOTH.COM, which is undergoing some changes. So when you have some time check it out please.

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Milk Man

Strange things happen when you shoot milk at high speed.  While this was one of the unsuccessful shots and I enhanced it with Photoshop for the fun of it, this was definitely a fun shoot.  And a very messy one.  I can’t wait for my TRIGGERTRAP (which I backed as part of the Kickstarter project) to arrive so I can accurately time the camera to take the shot and to minimize the amount of liquids splattered all over the studio, on my camera and on me.  Can’t wait to test it in April.