I met Moose a while ago at the gym and I noticed how he was admiring his abs.  So I approached him, which I don’t do often and I know should. I asked him if he would let me photograph him.  He was thrilled.  Finally we met up for a quick session.  Here are some images of his wonderful physique for your enjoyment. (Some NSFW).


I am also looking for more men with great physique to photograph in the New Year so please feel free to reach out.


Moose-gabetoth-01 Moose-gabetoth-02 Moose-gabetoth-03 Moose-gabetoth-04 Moose-gabetoth-05 Moose-gabetoth-06 Moose-gabetoth-07 Moose-gabetoth-08 Moose-gabetoth-09 Moose-gabetoth-10 Moose-gabetoth-11


It’s been a while since I’ve seen Eseosa and we have been talking about shooting (again).  So here are the images from our physique/nude shoot.  For some, they might be considered NSFW.  Follow him on Instagram @eseosa6600 and show him some love.




I had such a pleasure shooting Kelvin last week.  Easy to work with and we got some great body/physique images.  Some images are NSFW (some would say).


I am always looking for good looking men to photograph who are not shy in front of the camera.  So if you have what it takes, drop me a line.



Kelvin14354-gabetothKelvin14389-gabetothKelvin14027-gabetothKelvin13883-gabetothKelvin13988-gabetothKelvin14042-gabetoth Kelvin14040-gabetothKelvin14309-gabetothKelvin14465-gabetothgreen-combo-gabetothKelvin14075-gabetothKelvin14137-gabetothKelvin14089-gabetothKelvin14152-gabetoth