Balloon Splashes with Triggertrap

After a long wait I have received the Triggertrap v1which should make my liquid photography a bit easier, specially when you can’t get someone to keep hitting that shutter button. I tested it it out with filling up some balloons with water, some clean and some coloured with food colouring. Triggertrap was set to Sound Mode. Here are some images from today’s test. They feel kind of galactic, like millions of miles away in the galaxy. Enjoy!

I have also posted these on my website at GABETOTH.COM, which is undergoing some changes. So when you have some time check it out please.

tumblr_mlsn131JLz1qiuqhbo3_1280 tumblr_mlsn131JLz1qiuqhbo2_1280 tumblr_mlsn131JLz1qiuqhbo1_1280